Robert Stribley

I'm an Associate Experience Director at Razorfish in New York City. I have over a dozen years experience as both an information architect and content strategist. I also teach an Introduction to Information Architecture & Design workshop at the School of Visual Arts. This year, I presented at SXSW for the first time, about which Scatter/Gather interviewed me.

My writing has been featured in publications, such as Skyscraper, Make, Pixelsurgeon, Creative Loafing, The Charleston Post-Courier and The Korea Tribune. I'm a regular contributor to Scatter/Gather, Razorfish's content strategy blog. 

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Born in Perth, Western Australia, I make my home in New York, NY, where I've lived since June, 2006.

I'm employed with Razorfish as an Associate Experience Director. I have two decades of experience as a user experience professional. In 2007, I worked with a Razorfish team to redesign That design was awarded WebAwards for Best Information Services Website and Best Technology Website. I also contributed both as a content strategist and copy writer to the redesign, which won Razorfish an award for Best of the Web in Design from min.

Previously, I worked in the Interactive Design Group at Wachovia for four-and-a-half years. In 2002, Wachovia merged with First Union Bank to become the fourth largest bank in the United States. I helped the bank combine two legacy intranets sites and an interim site into a single new intranet. We then successfully migrated hundreds of sub sites into that intranet. In 2003,  Nielsen Norman Group awarded our small team one of its prestigious Ten Best Intranets of the Year awards for Wachovia's intranet.

I also worked as a content developer and information architect for both Computer Associates and iXL. Before the dotcom revolution, I was Communications Coordinator for the South Carolina Organ Procurement Agency, Inc.

I earned degrees in broadcast journalism and English. I also studied political journalism at Georgetown University and creative writing at Southampton College in New York. I interned in Washington, DC before "intern" earned its more salacious connotation. In Summer 2002, I studied Czech language, literature, and culture at Charles University in Prague, the oldest university in central Europe. Most recently, I have taken classes in data privacy and security and cyberterrorism at Georgetown and NYU, respectively.

I've written many book, art, and music reviews, as well as feature articles and award-winning fiction. More recently, I’ve written extensively on the subject of immigration in the United States for Medium and The Huffington Post. My writing has featured in numerous publications, including Skyscraper, Make, Pixelsurgeon, Open Sewer,, Creative Loafing, The Charleston Post-Courier, The Korea Herald, The Huffington Post, The Observer, and Isosceles, a small poetry journal. I also wrote regularly for Razorfish publications such as Scatter/GatherHeadlight Blog, and Slant.

I also teach two different user experience design related workshops at the School of Visual Arts

I have lived in three countries on three continents.

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“I think optimism is whether you are still exhilarated by life, whether you are curious, whether you still believe there is possibility. From this perspective, I am very much an optimist.”

— Ai Weiwei