Robert Stribley

I'm an Associate Experience Director at Razorfish in New York City. I have over a dozen years experience as both an information architect and content strategist. I also teach an Introduction to Information Architecture & Design workshop at the School of Visual Arts. This year, I presented at SXSW for the first time, about which Scatter/Gather interviewed me.

My writing has been featured in publications, such as Skyscraper, Make, Pixelsurgeon, Creative Loafing, The Charleston Post-Courier and The Korea Tribune. I'm a regular contributor to Scatter/Gather, Razorfish's content strategy blog. 

Please, reach out if you'd like to get to know me better.

My writing has featured in numerous publications, including Skyscraper magazine, Make magazine, Pixelsurgeon, Open Sewer,, Creative Loafing, The Charlotte Post-Courier, The Korea Herald, The Korea Tribune, The Huffington Post, The Observer, and Isosceles, a small poetry journal. I also write regularly for Razorfish publications such as Scatter/Gather, Headlight Blog, and Slant. You can see a portfolio of my writing on Muck Rack.


During the 2016 election, I began writing a series of articles on immigration, especially as it relates to undocumented immigrant. Many of these pieces appeared on both Medium and The Huffington Post.

Here's a listing of those articles:


In 2000, I was a winner in the South Carolina Fiction Project. My story, "Daddy Buys a Buick," was published in the Charleston Post-Courier. The previous year, I received an honorable mention in the same contest for my short story entitled "My Occidental Asia." Open Sewer has also reprinted "Daddy" here. The May/June 2000 issue of Poets & Writers also featured a mention of "Daddy" and an accompanying photo.


I wrote book reviews for a couple of years for Creative Loafing when I lived in Greenville, SC. A partial sampling of the many reviews I wrote there follows. I also contributed art reviews and feature articles to Creative Loafing in that time. For a year or so, I reviewed electronic music for a now-defunct site, Then for about a decade I wrote dozens of music reviews for Skyscraper magazine. A few representative reviews follow.

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Movies & Video

Unfortunately, the following reviews are no longer available online. 

  • Meantime - Dir. Mike Leigh

  • Taste of Cherry - Dir. Abbas Kiarostami

  • Work of the Director - Dir. Chris Cunningham

  • Work of the Director - Dir. Michel Gondry

  • Work of the Director - Dir. Spike Jonze

  • Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds: The Videos


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